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Our staff


"I had never thought of creating any special teaching method. I worked a lot and I was open to everything. I had the privilege to work with brilliant Israeli teachers. We worked together and we inspired each other. We put into it our hearts and our souls. Thousands people came to us to learn. They said: "You have a unique learning method. How do you do it?". The secret of our success is our teaching staff. And it remains a miracle for me."


"I have been teaching for many years and every day I learn something new from my students. A language is the means but the people are the essence."


"Every class has different teachers and each teacher has different qualities. working together requires very high professionalism, experience and special knowledge. When I teach in a certain class I always think who is going to be the next teacher in this class. For me, the staff, the students and the family are all the same."


"I prefer teaching beginners' classes. I enjoy giving them the tools and building the foundations of the language with them, stage by stage. It’s very rewarding to see how the students progress. Success is important to me, but it is the people that are important to me more than anything else. "


"I grew up in Israel and although my parents came from Russia, Hebrew is my mother tongue. I speak fluent Russian and English.

Languages were never a problem for me, however knowing a language doesn't mean one can teach others just like that. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with such remarkable and highly skilled teaching staff."


"I know I speak fast, but listen to me: your success in life is so important to me."


"There is no reason to suffer if you can study with joy and humor."


"Hebrew is a very special language that needs a special approach. It is the most logical language because it is a language of the Torah. Every root has its own meaning that creates the puzzle of the grammar."


"The right word at the right timing at the right place makes all the difference."


"I studied Hebrew in Ulpan Morasha and I thought to myself that in my age I will never speak the language. When I finished my studies I was offered a teaching position at the Ulpan. I started crying, and since then I have been teaching with lots of satisfaction."


I am the secretary. I am happy to help you learn Hebrew and to answer your questions in your mother tongue whether it is English, Hebrew or Russian. I like to see you being happy and smiling. 


"Learning a new language is an opportunity to reborn and know a new world. This is not a simple thing at all. I wasn't born here, so I experienced what it is to learn a new language in a new land. I'm happy for having the opportunity to help such good people from different occupations to acquire a new language."

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