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Spoken Hebrew in just 5 Months

From Fumbles to Fluency … Fast!

Acquiring a new language is not an easy task, to some it is even quite a difficult one. The dream of students is to complete the course, step out into the street and right away engage in long conversations with the native speakers…

Ulpan Morasha fulfils this dream for you!

One of the leading Hebrew language schools for adults (Ulpan) in Israel, Ulpan Morasha attracts students from all over the world, from all ages and religions.

The best testaments to its incredible and unparalleled success are more than 20,000 students that have graduated the Ulpan and integrated into the community life all over Israel.

The Ulpan's one-of-a-kind, non-traditional studying method is highlighted by the learning being done primarily in the mother tongue of the students. This ensures a very special learning experience together with a very high level of communication in the class, between students and teachers and between the students themselves.

Throughout the years its unique learning method has earned the Ulpan domestic and international attention.

All classes in the Ulpan are taught by a cadre of highly skilled and experienced teachers. By providing the perfect educational atmosphere for adults, our teachers give each student the needed individual attention and are able to "run fast" with some students while at the same time, without compromise, making sure no one is "left behind".    

Ulpan Morasha was founded in 1992 and belongs to the division of Adult Education in the Ministry of Education of the government of Israel.

Overlooking the historical Old City of Jerusalem the Ulpan is located in the heart of a picturesque neighborhood, only 5 min walk from the center of Jerusalem and the Old City. The Ulpan is easily accessible from all parts of the city, via public transportation.  

To learn more about our Ulpan contact us.

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