State Ulpan with a Cognitive-Oriented Approach
Ulpan for those who have decided to learn Hebrew.

Learning Hebrew in adulthood is a challenging but essential task

Lack of free time, memory traits, and the stress of relocation — many factors work against us in the process of rapid language acquisition. Meanwhile, life in Israel depends on effective communication:

  • Career prospects, self-realization
  • The depth and closeness of relationships with others
  • A sense of security and stability

We understand how crucial it is to assist you with the language

We know how.

Morasha is the Ulpan recommended by many

The "Morasha" Ulpan method involves not just providing educational materials but also fully managing the cognitive-psychological side of learning. Simply put, we know how to make sure you learn.
We work with attention, memory, motivation, and the ability to assimilate information.
Everything our educators do is deliberate. We provide exercises in the most effective forms and ask for actions that yield results.
We have implemented and continue to integrate the latest achievements in pedagogy, cognitive science, and psychology.
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What else sets us apart from other Ulpans?


Teaching in your native language

Our method's specialty lies in meticulously calculating the cognitive load and the adult psyche's peculiarities. Therefore, we teach Hebrew in your native language (Russian, English, French groups), allowing us to focus students on the skill acquisition process without overloading their sensory channels.


Remote Learning

We use a blended approach — you can study in person in the classroom or remotely via Zoom. You can also mix these formats to suit your convenience.


Professional Ulpan

All-Israeli professional Hebrew courses necessary for licensing (doctors, nurses, psychologists, accountants, lawyers) are conducted at Morasha Ulpan.


Morning, daytime, and evening sessions

At Morasha Ulpan, you can choose a schedule that suits you. We offer three types of groups:

Morning — 5 days a week (Sun - Thu), 8:30 - 12:45.
Daytime — 3 days a week (Sun, Tue, Thu), 13:00 - 17:00.
Evening — 3 days a week (Sun, Tue, Thu), 17:15 - 20:30.

Vadim Guralnik
director of the ulpan

Morasha Ulpan — one of the largest Hebrew schools in the world


graduates per year


of successful operation


of graduates pass the exam successfully


of students chose us based on friends’ recommendations

The solid linguistic foundation we build during the training process virtually guarantees that those who continue learning achieve their desired results in the shortest possible time.

99% of our students successfully pass the exam. Moreover, their speech skills and knowledge of Hebrew grammar are usually significantly higher than in most other Ulpans.

Many alumni of the Ulpan, now numbering tens of thousands, assert that the knowledge they acquired has had a significant impact on their social integration and employment. Our graduates hold key positions in Israeli society, including scientists, military personnel, police officers, doctors, and teachers.

What our students say:

I really enjoy the teaching method (how we learn verbs/new words, etc), and I found the app really helpful & useful  (all the exercises). The extra classes have also been very valuable. And last but not least, our teachers are amazing! I appreciate how most of them have made an effort to connect with our class beyond just teaching. I feel like we all leave a little blood, sweat, and tears in the Ulpan…students and teachers alike! Every staff member, teacher or administrative support, has been kind and helpful. You all make a great team!

I had heard of the reputation of Ulpan Morasha from friends. My friends who went through Ulpan Morasha all speak Hebrew well.

A very effective learning system. I remember all the verbs we learned. Thanks to constant repetition, conjugating verbs and responding automatically becomes effortless.

Employer said: "Either study at Morasha or learn by yourself from the textbook"

Transformational methodology! What an excellent pedagogy! I simultaneously studied language by immersion this year in Jerusalem (people say it is the best way to learn a language), but now I have experience & proof that it is not. The teaching method of "explanation & periodic verbal/written repetition" used by ulpan Morasha is the best way to learn a new language! Thank you very much for making this daunting goal achievable!Thank you, Misses Yisraela, Hana, Keren & Orna! Praise Yah!

I chose Morasha compared to others I spoke to that have different methods, are more expensive & meet at different schedules.

I was very hesitant about learning only in zoom, but the zoom experience is so much better than I expected! I like this hybrid method and I learned well by zoom.

I chose the Ulpan myself.

We've only placed a few positive reviews here out of all the feedback our students share every month. The full list is available via the link.

in the

We understand how important it is to help you with the language. And we know how to do it.

Many authors of the modern Morasha Ulpan method have gone through the repatriation process and learned the language from scratch. Having faced all the imperfections of the conventional method and conducting most experiments on themselves, we have developed a method that answers the question, "How to learn to achieve results?". Our methodologists, teachers, and the entire team view the learning process not just as educators but as learners themselves.

The secret of Morasha Ulpan is in the dedication of every team member

Alex Landa
Teacher at Morasha Ulpan Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Hebrew.
Teacher with a bachelor's degree in pedagogy obtained in Israel. Holder of a teaching license for the Ulpan. Enjoys tackling unconventional questions and delving into the intricacies of languages.
Nikol Muravskaya
Teacher and Lecturer
Languages: Russian, English, Hebrew, German. Born in Israel, she has over 10 years of teaching experience. Holder of a second degree in "Jewish Culture". Knows how to get even the most stubbornly silent students to speak, in Hebrew, of course.
Karen Ratsa Altman
Hebrew Teacher, Assistant Director for Methodological Work in English-Speaking Groups
Languages: English, French, Hebrew. Has a degree in special education and is currently finishing a master's in educational system management. Teaches classes from beginner to the most advanced levels. Loves Hebrew and passes on this love in her lessons.
Hanna Sakovich
Teacher at Morasha Ulpan, Lead Teacher for Exam Preparation
Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew. Left the USSR as a child with the first post-Soviet aliyah. From a refusenik background. Bilingual with an almost perfect, phenomenal memory. Over 20 years of experience teaching Hebrew. Specializes in high-level classes and is responsible for preparing students for exams. Hannah’s computer is covered with stickers of her grandchildren, and she uses her favorite dolls in lessons!
Eliyahu Lerman
Hebrew Teacher
Languages: Russian, English. Grew up and graduated from school in Israel, holds a degree in pedagogy. Teacher and lecturer. Can find an approach to each student and is ready to repeat as many times as the student needs, always with a smile!
Judith Kaplan
Hebrew Teacher
Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew. Grew up and graduated from a language school in Israel. Over 20 years of experience teaching Hebrew worldwide. Has profound knowledge of the language and specializes in high-level classes. Worked as a methodology consultant for teaching Hebrew at the Israeli Ministry of Education.
Yulia Frenkel
Hebrew Teacher
Languages: Russian, Hebrew, English. Degree in pedagogy obtained in Israel. Learned Hebrew from scratch as an adult. Works with groups from beginner to the most advanced levels. Yulia can explain complex things simply and uses funny examples - "and now repeat". Charisma, dynamics, and love for the language are passed on to every student!
Vadim Goralnik
Director of Morasha Ulpan
Over 30 years of teaching experience, academic degrees in pedagogy, linguistics, and educational system management. Possesses vast knowledge in Hebrew and teaching methodology. Taught Hebrew in schools and higher education. Laughter is always heard from Vadim's class. The staff jokingly calls Vadim a walking Hebrew academy. Fun fact: 30 years ago, Vadim waited over three months for his Aleph group at Ulpan Morasha.
Orna Kessel
Deputy Director, Lead Teacher of English-Speaking Classes
Languages: English, Hebrew. Over 40 years of teaching experience, a second degree in pedagogy, one of the most experienced teachers at Ulpan Morasha. Approaches work easily and confidently, passing this on to her students. She was also the first Hebrew teacher of the Ulpan director.
Olga Zeitlin
Methodologist for Beginner Classes
Languages: Russian, Hebrew.

Philologist, one of the most experienced teachers at the Ulpan with over 30 years of experience, learned Hebrew from scratch as an adult. Loves working with beginner classes the most. The material that Olga introduces is unforgettable.
Leat Neria
Hebrew Teacher
Languages: Hebrew, Russian (functional), English. Over 30 years of teaching experience, a degree in pedagogy. Born and raised in Israel. A master of verbal “ping-pong”. Teaches Hebrew with every movement, sound, and all her soul.
Iska Kipnis
Teacher at Morasha Ulpan
Languages: Hebrew, English. Degree in special education. Sabra - born and raised in Israel. Young, bright, and always smiling, Iska has the most infectious smile at Ulpan Morasha. Specializes in "Hebrew-Hebrew" training for consolidation and automation of material. She will speak a lot and quickly with you in Hebrew, and you will have to respond!
Israella Butbul
Teacher at Morasha Ulpan
Languages: Hebrew, English. Degree in pedagogy, Hebrew teacher with extensive experience. Born and raised in Israel. Specializes in classes for English-speaking students from beginner to the most advanced levels. A teacher with a heart full of Eastern warmth and “attitude”. And no one can pronounce guttural letters as beautifully as Israella!
Elisheva Bakst
Lead Teacher and Curator of the Medical Ulpan
Languages: English, Hebrew.
Sabra. Has immense teaching experience and knowledge in both regular Hebrew and its specific areas. Oversees the nationwide Hebrew course for doctors and psychologists.
Yuri Drachevski
Teacher of the Professional Ulpan for Psychologists
Languages: Russian, Hebrew. Over 30 years of teaching experience and encyclopedic knowledge of the language. Teaches professional Hebrew groups for psychologists and doctors. A deep person for deep immersion in the language.


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