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Dear Morasha teachers

I wish my laptop had hebrew letters so I could type you this in Hebrew...because now I can, thanks to you....(even though my spelling is still a little dodgy)
Not too long ago I was a student in one of your classes, I'll never forget the first day...I thought I enrolled in the IDF when I heard Tamara speak the first time...and when Yehudit started speaking (the speed she speaks) I thought I'd never learn a thing....and just when I lost hope of ever learning Hebrew, Fina would enter and make us laugh and gave us strength to go on again...Israela had patience (a rare thing to find anywhere,especially here) but in her own way, each teacher brought out the best in each student...an absolute miracle to witness unfold over 5 months...but from not knowing the difference between an alef or a bet, I learned to speak and write Hebrew in 5 months...not because I worked so hard,  but  because of the enthusiasm, technique, passion, energy and incredibly dedication of these teachers whom I respect with all my heart...not only as teachers but as human beings with the true spirit of Israel....yotze mi naklal!!  (I think it's Ben Gurion who said that to be a realist in Israel, you have to believe in miracles...well in Morasha you see many miracles happen each 5 months!)
Thank you for giving your everything right from the bottom of your hearts, every minute of every class, every day, from the start to the end...to make it so easy for us to learn not only a new language, but a new culture and heartbeat of a people...a very special people group.
I know Eliezer Ben-Yehuda would have been very proud of each one of you!!!! Kol ha kavod.
Thanks to you I can now enjoy the poems of Bialik, Rahel and Hannah Senesh and listen to Arik Einstein and Shlomo Artzi and get a feel of the land and her people...it's only the news on TV that I still don't understand...but who needs that anyway when you have poetry and music?
I thank you from the bottom of my heart that is beating with a new rythm...and I am continuing to work hard at learning in expectation for the day when I can dream in Hebrew...big dreams of peace...for the most amazing people in the world (that I've traveled so far).
With love and sincere appreciation and best wishes for your work in teaching many more people to discover this amazing language...

–Rozanne Fichardt (South Africa)


Hello My Wonderful Ulpan Teachers!  I have truly enjoyed the experience of learning and growing at Ulpan Morasha. I do NOTHING but sing all of your praises at any chance I get.  I plan to come back and complete the program at some time in the future (hopefully sooner than later).  Thank you again for the wonderful environment you provide. I came to your program feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.  Since you all were so warm, helpful, and knowledgable I am feeling like a very different person.  Confident and excited to speak the language and be a part of the Israeli people.  Thank you for that.  I look forward to completing the program in the future.  I will see you all soon.

Shana Tova!

–Lisa Coleman (US)


Dear Tamara, Yehudit, Israela and Feena,

I was thinking of you all and decided to write to say a big THANK YOU! for being such great teachers and teaching me Hebrew for the time I was in Jerusalem.

I really appreciate you! It is so nice to see people passionate about what they are doing. and so gifted!

–Gabriel Trandafir (Romania )


I'm very thankful for a wonderful opportunity to learn from the GREATEST TEACHERS IN THE WORLD!!!! Ulpan Morasha is the only place in my life, where I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! I enjoy every second of my being there!!! I started to learn Hebrew from a scratch, but now I can speak it well and make myself understood. I will never ever forget the experience I received here; I'll never ever forget all the wonderful people - both teachers and students - that I met here...The only thought of having only two weeks left makes me unbelievably sad... Whoever comes to Israel from my country, I would strongly recommend them to study at Morasha!!!! That's really a great experience!!!! Dear Morasha, I wish you prosperity, success and many-many-many more great students!!!! With gratitude and love to all of you,

–Alexandra (Ukraine)


 Thank you again for the wonderful environment you provide. I came to your program feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.  Since you all were so warm, helpful, and knowledgable I am feeling like a very different person.  Confident and excited to speak the language and be a part of the Israeli people.  Thank you for that.

–Lisa Coleman


             Dear Ulpan Morasha

Thank you so much for teaching us Hebrew;

Places like Morasha are far too few.

With you great method and teaching team,

You are an asset to Israel, especially olim.


Tamara taught us by ear to learn,

By repetition each at his turn.

You explained so clearly and with great skill,

We’ll never forget to drill and drill.


Encouragement is a gift Israela possesses.

With her warm heart each day she blesses.

Humor and patience are tools you used,

So giving up was something we refused.


 When Yehudit taught us gentle and kind,

“Is she really a Sabra?” once crossed our mind.

With words your passion is to be precise

While firm, quick-thinking and always concise.


With Orna we were in the speaking business;

The lesson was never one of “hit-or-miss”

Teaching with dedication, strength and quick wit,

You kept us focused to learn not a little bit.


Fina taught us although she joked;

With half the class, fun she poked.

Juan got pregnant; Albert had a cow,

Hannah lit the ulpan; but we learned somehow.


With gratitude and best wishes for you all,

–Kerry, Sandy and Tasha. (US)


Everyone told me Ulpan Morasha was the best. Now, looking back through the telescope of my personal experience, I can agree with them wholeheartedly. The reason is, I believe, because there is a lot of focus on actually speaking. Since Day 1, we (the students) have been speaking Hebrew. Sometimes the phrases were almost literally wrenched from our unwilling lips, but in time, our mouths became accustomed to the different sounds and pronunciation used in this language.

Another facet of the ulpan was the breakneck pace. I felt, even on the very first day, as though I had jumped into a swift, strong, and utterly foreign current of education - it was a struggle to keep up. We learned the entire alphabet in ONE DAY, for goodness' sake! With the immense input of information, my brain was totally fried and useless after about half an hour. Gradually, though, things changed. The brain, like any other muscle in our bodies, when stretched and exercised, becomes stronger and more capable. Within about a week or two, I was able to stay focused and retain most of what we learned each day. This is a good lesson for all of us: don't give up, just because it's hard. Things will seem easier if you stick to the task.

Most of all, the thing I liked the best about Ulpan Morasha was their focus on the structure of the Hebrew language. We didn't learn a mere mountain of words, through which we had to pick and choose when trying to form sentences or thoughts. Rather, we were taught the foundation and root-system of the language, so that we would understand its very essence and functionality. We were taught how to USE Hebrew, not just how to say things. Now, back in the States, I can recognize the structure behind a word, and can use it in all tenses, whether or not I learned it in ulpan. This amazes me. The logic of Hebrew is easily grasped and, once certain things are memorized and taken to heart, it becomes simple to understand what's going on.

I would, of course, highly recommend the ulpan to anyone interested in learning Hebrew. The teachers are absolutely fantastic - I couldn't have chosen better myself. Their passion, dedication, and patience is admirable, and I look forward to continuing my studies with them in the future. Someday. :-)

So, todah rabbah, Ulpan Morasha! Ani achzor!

–Julianna Squicciarini


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