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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ulpan Morasha?

Ulpan Morasha is a full-time Hebrew language immersion program. The Ulpan provides its students with conversational Hebrew skills critical to integrating and participating in Israeli life and culture (alongside with developing conversational skills, our ulpan focuses on reading, writing and grammar as well). Ulpan Morasha belongs to the Israeli Government's Adult Education Department in the Ministry of Education and is a recognized member of the Ministry of Absorption. The ulpan is covered by the aliyah benefits and the course is free for new olim.

Who can learn in the Ulpan?

We serve new immigrants, established immigrants, tourists and anyone else interested in improving their Hebrew. Ulpan Morasha caters to English, Russian and French speakers. 

When and how long?

Morning full-time ulpan; classes meet 5 days a week (Sun-thurs), convene at 8:30am, conclude at 12:45pm.  The course runs for five months.                                                                    

Evening part-time ulpan; classes meet 3 times a week (Sun, Tue,Thurs) convene at 5:30pm, conclude at 8;30pm.

New classes begin frequently, every 6 or 8 weeks.Students are accepted on a rolling admission basis.

What levels?

We have on-going groups at various levels (alef-dalet). Students with previous experience may join existing classes according to their level. Our experienced staff will assess a participant's skills and place them in the class best suited to their needs. Those starting from scratch, or with very minimal experience, will enter a new group, starting at the basic level.


Questions about  Ulpan Experience: (from a student's perspective)

Hi Carrie,

Someone at Ulpan Morasha gave me your information because I was curious about the experience from a student's perspective- I hope this is OK. I am planning to spend this summer in Israel doing an Ulpan and wanted to hear a bit more from a student what the experience at Morasha has been like. I'm mainly trying to decide between this program and the program at Hebrew U. I will be there for approximately 3 months, and while I grew up hearing Hebrew around the house- I understand much more than I speak. 

Hi Amitte, 

I did the same thing you are doing now, and it helped me make the right decision.  I asked my friends about Ulpans, because my first inclination was to take the one at Hebrew University.  I have a PhD and thought that the University program would be the most suitable for me.  But I am so glad I checked around first. 

So I will address your questions below. 

1) How you chose this Ulpan? What else did you consider? 

Every person I talked with--to a person-- said that the Hebrew University Ulpan is good, difficult, intense, and focuses on academic Hebrew, mainly reading and writing.  Since my reading and writing are much better than my speaking and hearing, I took notice of Ulpan Morasha.  I talked with foreign nationals and with new immigrants about which Ulpan they preferred—they all said Morasha.  I had taken 2 weeks with Ulpan Or (in 2008) and I looked at another one too, can’t remember which one. 

2) What your experience has been like thus far with the teachers and curriculum?

You are going to think they paid me to write this, they have not.  I trained teachers how to teach at the University level.  These teachers are the best I have ever seen, bar none.  The methods and skill used for this subject matter area perfect match.  I sat there speechless many times, just marveling over the methods.  (Didn’t help when I was called on.)  No books are needed.  Just your notebooks and human beings who love what they are doing.  They set the bar high and they get it, even from slow thinkers like me. 

3) What it was like coming in in the middle of other students' learning- versus Hebrew U where it has set dates of beginning and ending

I, like you, had 3 months in Israel.  So even though I was there before the Ulpan started, I waited until another session at Morasha started and was so glad I did.  It cut my time with them a little, but I started with a group of people that bonded big-time.  In addition, you have probably learned Hebrew piece-meal, like me.  If you start when a class starts, instead of jumping-in in the middle, you will get the building blocks of the rest of the course and this is invaluable.  You will get WHY things are the way they are, CONNECTIONS, and rules and principles.  You could miss out on this if you enter during the middle.  And, even though you may know quite a bit of Hebrew, start at the beginning.  The review will help build your confidence and pretty soon you will be swimming in new words and concepts.  I had been exposed to Hebrew for about 10 years.  Had I not had this experience, I could not have kept up with the class at Morasha. 

If this is your only option (to jump in the middle), to me it is still preferable than doing the Ulpan at the university.  Especially if you have a personality to ask your classmates questions, to make friends with them. 

4) What are the other students like? I have a few connections- but I would mainly be relying on the Ulpan to meet people- have you met people you now see outside of class? Does this seem feasible?

I am in Texas, I want to be in Jerusalem, I am grieving that I am not with this group of people every day.  I don’t know if our class is typical—perhaps it is. (It is still meeting.)  But this group of people all help each other, are from all kinds of backgrounds and ages (from Harvard professor, to lawyer, to young girls in their 20s, to students, etc, and Orthodox, non-religious, semi-religious, and Christian) and we did stuff together, helped each other with class stuff, with how to live in Israel, and even with love counseling.: ) The older ones took the younger ones under their wing, and each of us had things to offer the others in terms of information or help or just being together.

By the way, you will be speaking every day from the minute you start.  And your ears will like what they hear.  You are gonna get good!Let me know what you decide.  No matter what your choice, you will be learning Hebrew and it will change who you are, inside and out.  But I will advise anyone who asks me to go with Morasha.



Please review our website for more information and session start dates.

For registration you may contact one of our helpful staff members.

We look forward to helping you excel!

Tamara: 02-585-3763 after 14.00
Orna: 02-571-3393 after 16.00
Office: 02-628-1032

Or email us: morasha.ulpan@gmail.com

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